Optimising social channels for retail

July 3, 2015


A recent study tracked the social media usage of 50 top US retail brands across 5 categories: beauty, apparel, electronics, big box and home goods.




Data from Yesmail:



As can be seen from the above graphic, Facebook is still the most popular network and is used across all categories, from beauty, to apparel, to home goods. Facebook’s ubiquitous nature keeps it at the forefront of brand conversation, and despite strong growth from newer channels, it remains a priority for most companies to engage with their customers.

Although Facebook is a primary channel, from our experience the most effective way to optimise your social performance is to play to the strength of each platform.

Why are big brands continuously using multi-channel social media sites across industries?

– to increase brand awareness and affinity

– to develop a strong reputation and manage damage control

– to drive sales and marketing KPI’s

Superior competitive advantage and hitting business targets is achievable with the right social channel mix.


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