Siri, Santa and Wishpot

November 25, 2011

The launch of the new iPhone 4S showcased a new feature that has had everybody talking: Siri. The voice-recognition tool has proved a revelation since the release of Apple’s latest mobile, allowing you to use your voice to send messages, update your Twitter feed, schedule meetings, place phone calls and more.

Now Wishpot, the social shopping service that lets users build online wish lists, are taking advantage of the technology to do something festive. So, with Christmas fast approaching, there is now one more thing you can use Siri for: adding items to a Christmas wish list and getting a text response.

With many people currently making their Christmas lists it’s the ideal time to launch the app – and it couldn’t be easier to use:

How it works:

It really is simple: if you are a member of Wishpot you tell Siri the product you want (you can also read aloud barcode UPC and ISPN numbers). Siri’s technology then sends it to Wishpot, which automatically sends you a message telling you the lowest price for the item – and also notifies you when the price drops.

With brands like Amazon and Starbucks rolling out tools and apps to help boost sales during Christmas, Wishpot’s use of Siri demonstrates the brand’s innovation and is a great way to keep track of everything you want to buy.  Particularly today – it is, after all, Black Friday.


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