Creative Workplace: London Social Media Agency

November 28, 2014

A social space for London social media agency | Created by Studio 7 Design.

agency:2 moves into a new, bespoke London office designed for creative inspiration & sociable interaction.

A fab new office has been designed and created by the team at Studio 7 Design for agency:2, run by Joel Davis and Sharon Baker. Studio 7 Design worked quickly and efficiently in order to facilitate a smooth transition from a temporary office in London’s Kings Cross to a  new space in Highbury & Islington. The bespoke office space was designed with purpose and flair; all of the elements have come together to create a social space for the social media team.

The ‘Ideas Shed’ was created as a stand-alone structure as there wasn’t scope to build partition walls. It generates atmosphere; it is both aesthetic and purposeful, and fulfils the dream of bringing energy to the workplace. Shifting the outside to the inside also works brilliantly as there is a real feeling of spontaneity and freedom despite its enclosed nature. Skype calls, private meetings or brainstorming sessions can take place in the shed, as it is private yet open to the meeting area.

Sharon says “We wanted a meeting space within the office for the team, so we wouldn’t have to take clients outside of the office. This is where the magic happens. We wanted to encourage spontaneous brainstorming, creativity and have a ‘chill-out’ area for staff to relax when not working.” The Ideas Shed opens to a lounging area which is comfortable and funky.

The paint colours have been chosen specifically to engender certain emotions. Green suggests the outdoors and freedom, blue suggests the sky and the orange is bright and fun, the latter a favourite of both Sharon and Joel. The diagonal lines on the wall break up the square space and give a feeling of openness.

The shelving unit seen as you enter the office is actually an artistic sculpture.  It is practical for display purposes but is also free-flowing and creative. There is a strong continuity of materials throughout the office with hand-made textures and finishes, bringing in the natural exterior with deep colours. All the pieces are movable to suit a changing environment.

Other quirky touches include:

  • Drinks trolleys are a throwback to the Mad Men era of the sociable ad agency. On Friday afternoons, the wine glasses replace the coffee mugs and an enjoyable end of the week takes place.
  • Chalkboard paint allows quick updates to desks and ideas. One wall boasts a changeable board, with the option of posting quotes, to-dos or inspiring messages. Today’s reads: “Welcome! We’re just enthusiastic about what we do.” – Steve Jobs.
  • A huge lightbulb painted on the back wall doubles as an ideas hub and a projector screen.
  • An astro-turfed section filled with comfy chairs, drinks trolleys and soft lighting is perfect for client meetings and brainstorming sessions.  It is a direct nod to a Google styled space, which is known for being up-to-date, adaptive and cool.

The office is fun: Staff feels good upon coming into the office and upbeat when leaving.

Work is not meant to be oppressive:  agency:2 prides itself on a close-knit team of happy individuals who work well together. The office space is integral to achieving this closeness.

Creativity needs to be nurtured: Social media is fast-paced and strategy is key. The office space is integral to the meeting of minds and bringing ideas to reality.

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