Our services

We offer unique social media services to brands looking to harness the true potential of social media marketing. Our social media services and social ad programmes include:

Social media marketing

We will use our experience and expertise to create and run bespoke social media marketing campaigns for your business. Our campaigns utilise the unique influence that social media provides to meet your objectives and ensure that you maximise ROI.

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Social media strategy, training and policy

We are specialists in helping our clients identify and hone their marketing objectives using a variety of social media services. Depending on your business requirements we will recommend unique and compelling social media strategies; create a bespoke policy for your brand which includes a detailed messaging plan; and run tailored social media training courses covering all aspects of social media marketing.

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Social media community management

We help create and grow valuable online communities for your brand. Through our experience and expertise we will help your organisation develop a branded online community or join existing conversations online. We can optimise your presence on social networks by setting up Facebook business to business marketing and Facebook consumer marketing strategies. The communities that we build and develop will increase customer engagement and loyalty. Our ultimate aim is meeting your business goals.

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Social ads

Monetising your social media presence is one of the key future trends in social media. agency:2 provides  a complete social ad service. Our award winning social ad technology platform means that you can reach a larger, more active audience.

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Social media research, monitoring and insight tracking

Our social media research, monitoring and insight services allow us to provide you with a clear and current picture of your operating environment. We have our own bespoke in-house tools to deliver research and monitoring which is intelligent, actionable and delivers insightful data relating to your business.

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Social Influencer and search optimisation

Our expert influencer and social search teams will position your business ahead of your competitors by maximising your brand visibility. We use the latest social SEO & influencer techniques & network, together with unique insights gained through our social media monitoring tools, so our influencer & social search services ensure that your brand maximises reach, trust and visability.

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