Research, monitoring and insight tracking

Social media research

agency:2’s social media research provides in-depth analysis and unique insights into how your brand is perceived. Our social media audit locates all the discussions that are taking place online about your brand and ensures you have all the information required to build a successful social media presence.

Our expert intelligence and user insight will then identify key influencers together with information on your online brand equity, share of voice, competitor analysis and recommendations for future strategy.

Social media monitoring

Our best of breed social media monitoring tools, coupled with expert data analysis, provide a unique insight into consumer behaviour. We collect, measure, analyse and report the most relevant data relating to your brand and industry. Our highly experienced research team interpret this data and provide you with invaluable insights into your brand.

This detailed information provides your business with actionable insights, ensuring the success of any future social media activity. The result is improved consumer insight, competitive intelligence and increased return on marketing investment.

Insight tracking

Social media offers you powerful insights into what people think of your brand. Through our social media monitoring service we identify key trends and opportunities for your business. Our research team use their unrivalled knowledge of social media to interpret and sift data in order to provide perceptive findings which can be translated into new propositions and determine the direction of future social media activity.

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