Hertfordshire Constabulary

Campaign type

Social Media Marketing and SEO

Countries targeted



Hertfordshire Police briefed agency:2 and Hodes to assist them with their recruitment drive. They wanted to use social media to directly target people who were interested in working for the police and engage them in conversation.

The campaign had three objectives:

  • Increase the number of applications for Special Constable roles.
  • Improve the quality of job applications.
  • Halve the existing cost per application.

Our social media strategy

In order to engage effectively with the target audience we devised a Social Media Marketing and Social Search campaign to increase the number of job applications.

Initially, we conducted an audit of the current social media landscape. During this research we located relevant discussions that were taking place online and used this user insight to understand where the communities were located. As this was a relatively niche market it was crucial that we found the right places to engage with them. Our research enabled us to identify the best places to do this and gave us a great understanding of the language, key topics and key words used by their target audience.

agency:2 –

  • Rolled out a social media programme, creating content that was compelling and useful for people interested in joining the Police.
  • Encouraged engagement by seeding videos on relevant platforms to promote the role of Special Constable.
  • Engaged with the target audience within forums, video sites and social networking platforms to increase the number of applications.


The Police were not only delighted by the increase in applications they received following the campaign, but were also extremely pleased with the quality of the applications.


  • The cost per application was reduced by nearly 80%.
  • Applications increased by over 250%.

To find out more about how we maximized ROI for Hertfordshire Constabulary, please get in touch.