Campaign type

Social Media Marketing | Social Advertising

Countries targeted

UK, France, Spain, Germany


agency:2 devised and ran a pan-European social ad programme that took place in the UK, Germany, France and Spain to promote various Disney games for the Wii and Nintendo DS.

The objectives of the campaign were to:

  • Promote and encourage the sale of 6 new games across 4 European markets.
  • Ensure each territory was offered unique localised content and messaging.

Our social media strategy

As there were 6 different games being launched in 4 countries over a 6 month campaign it was crucial we quickly and accurately targeted the relevant audience groups in each territory.

Having identified parents, gift givers and gamers as the target market we monitored relevant conversations and analysed popular social media sites, such as local parenting and gaming social networking communities, where conversations were taking place.

How the campaign worked:

  • As this was a European wide campaign we utilised our in-house teams in each territory to create bespoke, localised content for the target audience.
  • Through the Social Insight Engine (our social advertising platform) we targeted and activated key audiences.


The campaign was a great success. At the end of it, as a result of the social ad and engagement programme we drove well over 10,000 leads / month to the Disney website.


  • Within the first month over 2 million parents were exposed to the Disney campaign.
  • We beat our targeted volume of sales leads by over 325%.

To find out more about how we maximized ROI for Disney, please get in touch.