Our team

The agency:2 team is made of the perfect mix of social media professionals – planners, researchers, project managers, designers, copywriters, paid social specialists, community moderators – native speakers, and developers – all of them social media experts. This means we can offer exactly the right programmes for all of our clients.



“I’ve long been convinced of the power of social media to achieve marketing objectives. As an agency I make sure we are at the cutting edge of social media marketing. The best thing for me? Our clients are always impressed that we can deliver whatever they need plus a little bit more. agency:2 magic always seems to conjour up additional ROI for our clients.”


sharon social

“From the onset working in a social media agency for really great clients has been a thrill. We don’t sit still for a moment. We are continually pushing ourselves to learn and add the best value for our clients.”


victoria social

“Consumers now have a very active two way relationship with brands and spend time and energy engaging with them. Being at the forefront of social media is a very exciting place to be and means we can always deliver compelling social media campaigns.”


felix social

“We have such a great team here and the best work environment I’ve ever experienced. Everyone is so passionate and knowledgeable about social media, and really enjoys what they do. I think this comes across to our clients – we get them excited about social media marketing as well!”


Francesca social

“Social Media transforms brands from faceless entities into living, breathing beings. Alongside broader reach, better response speeds and enhanced measurement, social media provides marketers with the unprecedented ability to realise the utopian vision of a market of one. As the first Social Media agency in the UK, agency: 2 has been driving the direction for Social Media over the past 4 years and has achieved some notable successes for a range of global and national clients, in fields as disparate as marketing, recruitment and HR. It is a pleasure to be part of the team.”


Rina social

“The best thing about social media marketing to me is being able to conclusively prove campaign success through metrics, metrics and more metrics.  As well as this, the insights we can now take from social media campaigns in Europe are already helping inform brands’ future marketing and PR decisions, helping businesses to meet their wider objectives.”


eva social

“Getting to the core of clients’ business and marketing objectives has been great preparation for thinking about the new business direction that agency:2 should be taking. I am enjoying managing successful campaigns for our current clients as well as developing new relationships.”


kevin 1

“I enjoy working across a range of multilingual country specific campaigns. It’s interesting to see the subtle differences between audiences and their needs in different markets. Of course, we don’t just translate verbatim. We make sure that all content is adapted and localised for each audience.”


alina social ad

“At the moment I am excited about the collision of paid social and creative – building brands through creating compelling content and making it easy for prospective customers to find the information they need”


Elise social

“Good copywriting delivers targeted messages which resonate with the right people at the right time. Writing for a social media agency means you can deliver, tweak and perfect every message quickly and efficiently, while being able to see the tangible benefit through immediate and direct customer reactions.”



“As part of agency:2’s global team I provide localised knowledge of the French market. This comprehensive understanding of the local social media landscape, together with meticulous research and planning, means I can supply information on the very latest trends in the French market so that we know exactly how to engage with the right audiences.”


social ad

“I am well placed to say that the phenomenal growth in our business shows that we are doing what we do very well.”


rachel account director social media

“I’m very process driven and strive to consistently reach top results.”


Ines social media account manager

“I work closely with my local market.”


Seeking new talent

Have you got what it takes to work for the UK’s first social media agency? We are always interested in hearing from talented people.