Campaign type

Social Media Marketing and search

Countries targeted



MasterCard approached agency:2 with a complex brief. They wanted to be the credit card of choice for travellers.  The campaign had to push this message online with agency:2 running  a social media promotion which was part of a wider marketing campaign.

agency:2’s mission:

  • Drive holiday makers and business travellers to use MasterCard’s travel portal.

Our social media strategy

We promoted MasterCard as the credit card of choice for travellers through a social media marketing campaign. This involved communicating with the target market on a range of platforms in order to encourage them to click through to MasterCard’s microsite.

MRM developed a branded travel site with MasterCard to encourage their target audience to interact with and use the new services, products and content.

agency:2 –

  • Prioritised a list of social media sites which targeted travel consumers. We drove the audience through to MasterCard’s travel microsite.
  • Used our brand ambassadors to promote MasterCard’s travel site across niche travel forums.
  • Used SEO to optimise relevant key terms for MasterCard and give them the competitive advantage.


MasterCard’s campaign as a whole produced phenomenal results. The social media element of the campaign proved particularly successful and had a great impact, increasing the number of MasterCard applications.

To find out more about how we maximized ROI for MasterCard, please get in touch.