Microsoft and Global Radio/X Factor

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Social Media Marketing | Social Advertising

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When Microsoft wanted to promote their search engine, Bing, they asked agency:2 to create a social media ad campaign which publicised a competition to win X Factor tickets.

Microsoft asked us to develop a social ad campaign that would:

  • Promote Bing as the preferred search engine of choice for online users.
  • Encourage users to enter a competition to win X Factor tickets.
  • Drive highly targeted traffic to a joint Heart FM & X Factor campaign site.

We devised a social media ad strategy to engage with the X Factor fan base on Facebook and Twitter to promote the competition.

Our social media strategy

We adopted a 360° approach in which we targeted X Factor fans using a wide range of different social media platforms to ensure that we reached the largest audience possible.


  • Optimised a social ad programme and entered into conversations on X Factor contestants’ fan pages, building a buzz around the   campaign, engaging with the target audience and encouraging them to enter the competition.
  • Engaged with X Factor fans on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

At each stage we drove participants to use Bing; Microsoft’s search engine, by promoting the idea that participants in the competition should use it to find the answers they needed to win.


Promoting in an extremely competitive market, we successfully helped to put Bing at front of mind when users were searching the internet. The campaign engaged with a large number of people, with one of the X Factor judges even retweeting our messages!

Following the success of this campaign we ran several additional campaigns for Microsoft.


  • The social media ad and engagement campaign generated over 10,000 leads within the first few days alone | 230% above target
  • agency:2 managed & grew a highly active and personal Twitter following – in the first two weeks of the campaign the number of followers tripled.

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