Give your audience some great content in January

January 13, 2017


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It’s January, which means all we are hearing about is #JanuaryBlues, #NewYearsResolutions and #WinterBlahs. Let’s not be so down! January can be a fun period despite being broke, having tight trousers that won’t do up and wishing you were still on holiday.

At agency:2, we feel that January is a great time to introduce content that is fun, fab and light-hearted. Let’s have some #JanuaryFun!

Great content to make your brands more interesting

To increase engagement from your social media offering, you must humanise your brand. Everyone feels the January Blues, which means it’s likely that your target market will too. So why not mention some motivational and fun days in January? Humour makes you more memorable. Why not trial a few posts and then let your statistics guide your forward planning.

Use audience insights to connect with your target audience and increase reach

It’s important to create user personas to really understand what your audience is like. We use research on interests and motivations to better understand what makes them tick. Using insights from 2016 to supercharge 2017 is a research based method that takes the chance out of your marketing. Our audience insight technology, the Social Insight Engine, allows us to unlock consumer decision making by identifying relevant content and increasing audience size.

Whatever you do, don’t mention the weather

Well ok, not too much then!

At agency:2, our dedicated creative team writes content that is relevant, interesting and fun! Using our creativity combined with data from the Social Insight Engine, we are able to reach larger audiences at lower CPAs. Contact us at +44 (0) 20 3567 1381.


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