Social accounts for highest percentage of online activity

September 4, 2015

We all know social media usage continues to rise, but did we realise how much of our leisure time it accounts for?

Out of all online activity, social media usage has grown in popularity to take up the highest percentage of our time. We are on our devices more than ever and increasingly engaging with a wide variety of social media networks. Not really breaking news, although the figures are quite staggering.

From research undertaken by UKOM and Comscore, The Guardian reports: “Time spent on sites including Facebook, Gawker Media and Reddit account for 17% of all time people in the UK spend online” (See here for full article.)

With brands able to reach consumers at virtually every turn, it is more important than ever for their strategies to be fully aligned with clear targets in place. The opportunity to utilise social as part of a wider marketing strategy has never been this great.


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