Vine – Being creative in social media

February 5, 2013

How long does it take you to showcase your creativity? Twitter proved you just need 140 characters and its newest offering Vine demonstrates how you only need 6 seconds. So, after a week in Vine what do we predict will be in store for the future?

Vine has so far created controversy over its nonexistent privacy settings, which allow videos to be seen by anyone regardless of age and has already led to extremely graphic footage being shared. It has experienced problems with spam and Facebook has distanced itself from Vine by refusing to allow access to your friends list. However, any new app experiences initial problems and these shouldn’t mask the potential of Vine and the wealth of opportunities it offers for originality.

The app is easy to use, meaning that so far it has proved just as popular for people sitting at their desk as big brands. Although predictably there has already been an overload of people using Vine to share images of cute animals and  babies some Vine’s have already been truly  inspirational and there is clearly a huge potential for a truly great Vine (or even a truly hilarious bad one) to go quickly viral. Vine has great potential for estate agents and travel companies to capture the look and feel of a place, for short ‘how to videos’ and for the fashion industry to showcase the latest trends.

Vine is important for brands as video is a richer experience than photos; it is a great alternative to Instagram and can allow brands to demonstrate their personality. Brands are all already aware of the power of video, but often concerns over budget and a desire for a professional look and feel prevent them from being impulsive and fun – Vine has the potential to bridge this gap.



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