Discover how to supercharge your Facebook marketing with videos

October 6, 2016

Supercharge your Facebook marketing with videos

We all know videos obtain high organic reach and boost the reach of Facebook marketing campaigns significantly. But is that the case for all video content?

What can we do to improve the reach of the videos we post to achieve better results for our social media campaigns? Here are our top 4 tips for making videos work on Facebook.


1 – The content must be easily shareable

Videos should inspire sharing; either by tagging friends or sharing the content on newsfeeds. This will occur only if fans find a video useful, interesting or ‘cute’. Shareability is a key component for increasing Facebook reach.

As getting Facebook users to ‘click to play’ a video is rare, the message should be transmittable without sound. Thus, subtitles are extremely useful or animated text within the video is also effective.


2 – The video must be short and catchy from the start

Users of Facebook typically scroll through their newsfeeds and don’t spend a lot of time on any one piece of content; retaining audience attention for longer than 30 seconds for an advert is challenging to say the least!

Additionally, attention spans tend to be shorter on mobile, so story-telling should ideally be told ‘back to front’, revealing the key message in the opening 3-6 seconds. That way a user can see the beginning of a video only and extract what they need without watching to the end.


3 – Offer fans an immersive experience

Even though you may have caught a user’s attention, keeping that attention can be challenging.

In order to retain your audience, showing videos that are quick and original, contain smart video editing, and / or tell a story can accomplish this. The video has to give something back to the user such as: relevant knowledge, an emotional feeling, an explanation or a sense of community.


4 The message must speak to a specific audience and build on the power of targeting

A message resonates best when it is told to a clearly identified subset of the target audience. Establishing a feeling of affinity within this subset will allow the audience to then be expanded via advert targeting abilities.

For example, if the message of the video is geared towards mums of infants using emotional content, then tailoring this content specifically to this audience will improve its relevancy. The video’s likeliness to go viral will also then increase, as that audience is much more likely to share the content, and so on, and so on.


5 Need to increase traffic and conversion rates? add a call to action button

If you follow the steps above, you will generally find your cost per view decreasing and your view-through-rate increasing. In addition, the videos can then also be very suitable to drive traffic and conversion by adding a call-to-action button. Facebook has recently changed the CTA button placement for videos, making it visible at all times – as a result, we have seen CTRs increase from 0.01% up to 3.95%. It seems the days where video can only be used for generating awareness are in the past – at least on Facebook.


agency:2 has been working with video content across global brands for years; we believe in the power of this type of content for successful Facebook marketing and anticipate seeing videos grow rapidly in use over time.


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