The Power of Video in Social Media

December 4, 2015

Mobile video is set to become a key investment opportunity in 2016 due to the high promise it offers; we have seen video budgets increase by over 18% since 2014.  (Source: aol.platforms)

The following chart highlights how different social networks have adopted video promotional content in the last year and how they plan to run video campaigns in the forthcoming year.



social media video 2016

social media video 2016

Source: Mixpo Survey – 2015


You can see from the data, it is predicted that advertisers plan to run video ads on Facebook more than on any other networks.

According to a report by Cisco, video will account for over 80% of global Internet traffic by 2019.

With online video quickly becoming key towards social media users obtaining information and fulfilling entertainment needs, our social display media planners at agency:2 are of the opinion that businesses failing to include video in their marketing strategies correctly will do so at their peril.

When it comes to potential reach, video is unrivaled. Will your marketing strategy include more video content in 2016?


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