Top 2017 social media prediction: Growth of Facebook Live

December 9, 2016

Are you ready to use Facebook Live? Helpful tips to make Facebook Live broadcasts go the distance


By now you’ve seen the ads from Facebook encouraging you to go live. While it might be easy for individuals to post a quick live video, how does it work for brands? Is it a worthwhile marketing proposition to get involved with?

We think YES!

As we move quickly towards 2017, we think that more and more brands will be using this exciting tool in the coming months to increase brand awareness and boost audience engagement – helping to bring their brand to life on the page.

What does Facebook Live work well for?

  • News stories
  • Big reveals / brand launches
  • Behind the scene events
  • Engaging with audiences in new ways

What are the benefits of broadcasting Facebook Live?

  • Make the most of videos on Facebook: Videos are favoured by the Facebook algorithm and lead to great organic reach. In addition, people spend on average 3x more time watching Facebook Live videos than regular video content (Source: Facebook)
  • Connecting in real time: Facebook Live videos are more likely to appear higher in News Feed when live, as you will be connecting with your audience in real time (Source: Facebook)
  • Taking advantage of video tech: Now that Facebook has added live video functionality, you can give your fans another reason to engage with your brand

Technical Requirements:

  • Broadcasting content on Facebook requires video encoding software or hardware that supports real time streaming protocols (rtmps)
  • Getting Facebook Live up and running will therefore need dedicated technical resource from your social media agency

Top Tip: Facebook is about to introduce scheduling for live videos which means that fans can subscribe to the feed in advance and brands can therefore build audiences proactively.

Community Support:

  • Facebook Live is a huge opportunity for brands to interact with fans in new ways; by directly responding to comments in real time, customer service can be optimised
  • Successful management of Facebook Live events requires dedicated community management to monitor feeds and engage with fans

Top Tip: Direct moderation of Facebook Live content is an opportunity to reinforce value propositions; this should be reflected in the campaign strategy in order to maximise potential.


Final Tips from us:

  • Live doesn’t have to be ‘Live’ – it’s possible to broadcast pre-recorded content with Facebook Live
  • Geo-target specific audiences or locations to fine-tune your targeting
  • Tie it in with other marketing activities to boost impact

We have given you all the tips to really make the most of this exciting social media marketing tool. So now you’re ready to go Live – sit back and watch the engagement go crazy!

Will you be trying Facebook Live in 2017? If you need technical expertise or want to find out how t


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