Top 5 Tips for Enhanced Social Ad Targeting

February 17, 2016


social ad targeting

At agency:2, we believe that implementing current methods of social ad targeting is no longer enough; campaigns must now be elevated through data technology to be precise and optimised for efficacy.

Enhanced social ad targeting uses a segmented collection of enriched, real-time social data to help you reach larger, more relevant, more precise audiences, who are more likely to engage.

Hyper-Targeting through Audience Insights

The most effective way of hyper-targeting through social advertising is becoming increasingly dependent upon using Audience Insights to:

  • Connect with a fan’s emotional side
  • Understand an audience’s motivations and drives toward purchasing
  • Engage with the audience’s wider interests to spark a connection


Top 5 Tips for Enhanced Social Ad Targeting:

  1. Understand your brand’s customer habits, beliefs and personal buying preferences – it is no longer sufficient to have people ‘Like’ your brand.
  2. Be aware of who to proactively exclude to keep negative sentiment to a minimum – this will elevate your campaign even further.
  3. Anticipate what’s next in a technology-driven market – keep up with an unparalleled rate of innovation and growth
  4. Monitor the cost per engagement in real time – don’t focus exclusively on ROI
  5. Integrate data-driven, quantifiable components of user journeys to provide more definable, actionable insights – this will significantly reduce the cost per action throughout your campaign.

At agency:2 we use our Social Insight Engine to combine these tricks of the trade to hyper-target a defined audience, which allows our clients to grow their reach significantly, reduce their cost per action and stand out from the competition.








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