Social Media Training

Best practice social media marketing training course

Our highly rated social media training course is:

  • Taught by experienced social media marketing professionals
  • Highly interactive sessions with real life case studies
  • Gives unique access to individual consultation with an experienced  social media expert

Our best practise social media training course with additional mentoring time empowers attendees with the knowledge and expertise to promote brand awareness through the main social platforms, including: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Pinterest.  With excellent case studies and valuable real life insights, the course offers beginners a solid grounding in social media best practice and how to grow your brand’s online presence.

Our social media courses cut through the industry jargon and clearly explain how to embrace social media for your business. We work hard to ensure that our sessions are as informal and interactive as possible, with a mixture of trainer led interactive presentations, real case studies and practical sessions allowing you to create content for your own brand.

All of our courses are taught by experienced social media marketing professionals, who use their years of experience in the industry to provide you with clear advice to what tactically works best. This includes top tips on how to create engaging content, which are the most effective ways to drive engagement and useful planning techniques to save you time.

Attendees will leave the session with a package of practical information and actionable industry insights to help you on your journey to social media success.

We go beyond the expectations of traditional training courses and uniquely offer access to personalised social media consultation sessions, so that you can review your brand’s social media programme with an industry expert.

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Our  bespoke in-house social media training programme

Our speciality as a social media training team is that we believe that social media training needs to take on an experiential learning style to give the best outcomes for the participants. Our bespoke training packages are therefore interactive, demonstrating how to bring social media to life whilst also ensuring that guidelines and best practice are covered.

agency:2 works in partnership with our clients to ensure as much as possible that we use real life examples for our training. This approach allows us to create materials that have a proven positive learning impact.  As such, agency:2 will ensure that each element of the social media and communication training upholds these values.

We develop and carry out training using a mixture of presentations, videos, case studies, best practice examples, scenario-based elements and discussions.  In our experience, training carried out in this way ensures that key messages are understood and retained, and that the trainees are ready to incorporate elements of the training on a practical level into their everyday work.

Trainees will leave the training sessions with takeaways of key insights and top tips and, moreover, they will have the key messages at the forefront of their minds as a result of our interactive delivery methodology.

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As well as our bespoke social media training sessions we have developed a series of intensive morning sessions that concentrate on a core social media skill set.

Social media community management training

This social media Community Management implementation session is designed for Digital Marketers, Community Managers & PR Managers.

Facebook advertising training

This Facebook advertising training session is designed for Digital Marketers, Account & Advertising Executives and Media Buyers.

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